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The ten most outlandish Stade Français strips

The ten most outlandish Stade Français strips

In 2005, Stade Français donned their first pink strip and decided to bring ‘haute couture’ to the rugby world, a place where fashion generally had no place. It seems that in the following years Stade Français have tried to push their fashion boundaries further and further, with mixed success but always providing ‘crème de la crème’ entertainment. 

Despite Stade Français’s on-field fortunes yo-yoing from financial crisis in 2011, to TOP 14 title wins in 2007 and more recently, 2015, it is their outrageous kits that have become synonymous with the club. TOP 14 would simply not be the same without Stade Francais’s anticipated kit releases each year, and we love the Pink Army for it. So, let's take a look at the ten most outrageous kits they have released since 2005.

1. Alternative Away 2009/10 

The first of many pieces ‘inspired’ but Andy Warhol’s work, but ‘oeuvre d’art’ is not what comes to mind here. It looks more like something you’d wear on your best mates stag do, although undeniably fun. 

2. Home 2011/12

We’d argue that this piece is more of an improvement, the oriental style works well, but we are still trying to work out what the crown/tail is in the middle. Any guesses?

3. Away 2008/09

Now this is a statement, although we are not sure if it’s one that should be made on a rugby pitch or by Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Prime Stade Français, you’ve got to love it.

4. Home 2017/18

A pretty decent kit to be fair to Stade, although slightly more sombre than the classic pink base. Thankfully they didn't leave out the iconic colour completely. Anyone else think it has etchings of a golf shirt though?

5. Heineken Cup alternative 2008/09

There is just so much to say here, just wow. Warhol is back and it’s definitely with a bang. Although, we aren’t sure whether this shirt is better suited to a character from Alice in Wonderland, or the changing rooms in the Stade de France.

6. Home 2007/08 

This is when innovation goes too far, we understand they love to change it up every year, but switching the base colour to this brown is a very strange move. Here’s for trying.

7. Home 2008/09 

Despite looking like the screen of a fruit machine, this design actually works. A much better base colour switch up than the brown, whilst of course incorporating that ‘magnifique’ pink.

8. Away/Alternative 2009/10

Points for originality, the graffiti is undoubtedly novel but feels entirely random. Although we are sure if you asked the ‘artiste’ there is likely a profound message hidden within the street art laden torso.

9. Away 2016/17

Abandoning Adidas for the first time since 2005, the Asics debut is undeniably as bold as its predecessors, although we aren’t sure where they have got the design from. Our guess is the owner's son's Year Five ancient Greece project.

10. Home 2019/20

Another kit provider switch yielded yet another change in creative direction, this time a hark back to famous pink. We love this kit, and best of all it works just as well with your beach attire as it does on the pitch. Parfait.