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We want you to 'Build Your Own Player'

Surely it’s got to be Wilko’s left peg. Kolbe’s legs? That’ll be great. 

For the next seven days, we will be posting daily stories on our Instagram page, where we want you to vote and build your own player. We will be matching up some of the league’s top superstars, past and present so you can create a player you can only dream of.

These are the rules, so follow closely: 

  • We will post an Instagram story polls on the TOP 14 Rugby UK page (@top14rugbyuk) every day for seven days
  • In each Instagram story, you will need to pick a TOP 14 star per body part. For example, Carter v Wilkinson for your left leg. They aren’t easy, so choose wisely 
  • You will have 24hours to vote for each player duel. The player who receives the most votes will win be part of the final star

Once the TOP 14 star is complete, we’ll take a close look at who you’ve voted for and just how incredible this player would be. Stay tuned.



We want you to 'Build Your Own Player'